We founded FirstBase to guide startups through the process of leaving the garage or coworking space and moving into a true office – and to guide more established companies through the right office solutions at different inflection points.

As entrepreneurs and real-estate junkies, we searched for a happy medium between traditional real estate brokers and the burgeoning coworking world, only to find a complete lack of perfect-fit solutions.

So we decided to make one. 

Advantages for Office Space No Other Adviser Can Offer

Experience That Actually Matters

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Since we were born out of a coworking company, we get where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go. Our company – along with the companies we are privileged to surround ourselves with – reflect a vast array of company lifecycle stages. We know first-hand the challenges you’ll face at various financial, cultural, and operational inflection points. And we have the passion and experience to help you safely navigate them all – so you can build your company and enjoy the journey.

Industry Agnostic, Tenant Focused

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Sure we work with startup and tech companies. But as recovering attorneys and brokers with decades of experience, we are proud to call entrepreneurs and companies from a variety of traditional industries our clients too. We love representing them all and firmly believe every company deserves a real estate team that provides a novel approach to optimized office solutions.

 Custom and Creative Office Solutions

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We think about space differently and think you should too. Why take on extra space when you can “wrap” your lease with coworking memberships to give you the flexibility to scale up and down as needed without the additional long-term exposure? Because of our unique business model, we are the only brokerage that can include coworking memberships as part of a comprehensive space solution. An added bonus? Getting plugged into an ecosystem of hundreds of other successful companies that want to help you succeed too.