Pre-Move Checklist | FirstBase

General Preparations

  • Inform all employees of crucial move dates and information, including:

-      Old office shutdown and new office startup dates.

-      Revised contact information, including weekend contacts.

-      New building rules and regulations.

-      Notifying building security at both the old and new locations of the move, make sure that you receive all needed access.

  • Archive or dispose of all documents
  • Prepare all office equipment for the move, and contract any necessary vendors for specialty items.
  • Keep a Certificate of Insurance on-file at both old and new locations.


  • Pre-order office supplies for new location; salvage, sell, or scrap office supplies at old location.
  • Inventory all equipment. Order any necessities, and dispose of any extra materials.
  • Establish mail service and distribution plan, and inform any necessary parties.
  • Order any required office signage.

Change of Address

  • Notify all customers – internal and external – of the change.
  • Notify all employees of the change.
  • Notify all business contacts, and any relevant publications, associations, or groups of the change.
  • Print and distribute all documents that reflect the new address.

Communication and IT

  • Assign new phone numbers to all staff.
  • Prep for shutdown and move of on-site servers, including contacting any necessary vendors and planning all required backups.
  • Plan for shutdown of all computers and phone systems.
  • Plan for reactivation and testing of all computers and phone systems, create contingency plan in the case of problems upon startup.
  • Test all data and electrical outlets in new location.


  • Create detailed plans for furniture layout in new office.
  • Label and tag all items accordingly.
  • Preorder any new items.
  • Prepare all existing items for the move, including disassembling them as necessary.
  • Contact all required vendors, including movers, electricians, and other contractors. Ensure that all involved teams agree on schedule, tasks, and other key requirements.

Move-In Checklist

  • Notify new building of schedule.
  • Request loading bay, cargo elevators, and any available moving equipment prior to move-in.
  • Request out-of-hours access as needed.
  • Receive certificate of occupancy.
  • Obtain badges, keys, and identification for employees as needed.

Move-Out Checklist

  • Arrange for all materials to be removed from site.
  • Conduct walkthrough with landlord to confirm that your vacation has met all requirements.